Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Rat Race

If the IKEA logo we saw in last weeks previews is any indication of tonight's AR6 destination, the contestants will be making the same trip as these Norway to Sweden stow-aways.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Episode Two - My Thoughts

Sorry it's taken me so long to get my post up here, but I was in Michigan all weekend and didn't have much of a chance to sit down and get the flotsam in my head into coherent thought. Again, a great episode. But I do agree with Miss Alli in this week's recap that Jonathan's contant yelling and spaziness is detracting a little from the viewing pleasure--but I can get over it quickly. Here are my thoughts:

Lena and Kristy: So glad you two didn't go bye-bye! The next time I'm in Utah I want you to be my skiing buddies (although I must admit that Winter Park's "pizza pie, french fry!" method of teaching skiing always made more sense that "snowplow"). But both of you are probably in L.A. right now auditioning for the role of Smurfette in the live action Smurf movie.*

Freddy: You're dumb. And you lost five points for taking another clue. Seriously, no more of that.

Kendra: You are officially this season's Christie. I was seeing shades of caviar everywhere. Although, thankfully, no actual caviar.

Hellboy: You screamed for your mom? On a zipline? What are you going to do if you have to jump out of a plane? Or bungee jump? Or search through a 30-ft pile of cow shit?

Don & Mary Jean: Since you asked for the discount, I'm going to chalk up taking the wrong car as a senior moment. But it still lost you five points. Silly people. My grandfather did that once in a parking lot in Sioux Falls, back in th day when key security wasn't like it is now. But if I remember the story correctly, he actually got all the way home with it. I hope you dudes stay around for awhile because it's awesome to see an older team that doesn't feel the need to give themselves a stupid nickname like the Gutsy Grannies.

Meredith & Maria: Very sorry to see you go. But, since you did, I got to write my first song of the season!

Maria (to the tune of, obviously, "Maria" from West Side Story)
Maria, we'd just met a girl named Maria
Should couldn't drive a stick
It didn't make her quick
At all!

Maria, you wore a really cute headband
It said Barbie and had hearts
It helped us to tell you apart
From Meredith!

Maria, we will think of your accent fondly
Better than Avi and Joe's,
And Lori and Bolo's
For sure

Maria, we said hi and now goodbye, Maria!

My inner gay man failed me today and I couldn't remember any more of the tune than the refrain. Sorry for the repetitiveness.

*Okay, sorry about that. But wanted to let people know that the new application for Fringe is out. There is no live action Smurf movie. But if there was, wouldn't it be cool? Blue Man Group doubling as all the Smurfs that have no names? I'm voting on Michael Moore for papa smurf--if he would consent to switch his Michigan State cap for the red of Ohio State.

Episode Two - My Thoughts

Friday, November 26, 2004

Week 3 bonus

I was having trouble finding a bonus question for Norway, but I got one.

I am not the only one psycho about reality TV. Norway also has a reality TV fixation. They even have their own Norwegian Idol! Name the Norwegian Idol who recently became the first World Idol and the name of his debut album.

Answer To Week 2 Bonus

Wasn't that a fun one?

Bjork wore a swan dress, complete with egg purse, to the 2001 Oscars. Here is a picture.

Ellen Degeneres wore her own swan dress to the 2001 Emmys. Here is a picture.

Thanks to my mom and a few others who also found out that Kevin James, host of the 2002 People's Choice Awards, also wore the swan outfit! Here is a site with all three wearing the swan.

And here come the scores!

Hi all. I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great! After eating way too much yesterday and realizing that both Survivor and Apprentice had new shows last night, stuff did not get posted. So here we go!

Team Standings (with points received)
1. Kris & Jon (100)
2. Jonathan & Victoria (90)
3. Gus & Hera (90)
4. Hayden & Aaron (70)
5. Lori & Bolo (60)
6. Adam & Rebecca (30)
7. Don & Mary Jean (35)
8. Freddy & Kendra (25)
9. Lena & Kristy (40)
Last. Meredith & Maria (-130)

Pool Standings
1. Karen 725
2. Jill 665
3. Judy 650
4. Scott 645
5. Ami 615
6. Mike, Jonathan 610
7. Eric 580
8. Jay 560
9. June 500
10. Jan 470
11. Stephanie 455
12. Samuel, Caitlin 440
13. Lee 360
14. Jack 355
15. Kristen 335
16. Curt 285
17. Allegra 250
18. Chris, Ben 245
19. Bill 165
20. Dave 60
21. Kristin 45
22. Boogie 20

We are all on the plus side, which is quite a feat! Kristin would like it to be known that her streak is continuing. She has had teams knocked out in each of the first two legs.

I will be back later today with the answer to last week's bonus, a new bonus, and my thoughts on the episode.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Hey everybody,

I'm sitting at my friend Aran's computer in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We didn't quite make it to Ann Arbor--what would have been normally a ten-hour drive was complicated by holiday traffic and a bunch of big ass snow, and thirteen hours later we stumbled here with a dinner and beer. :)

But the race was great! Sorry I haven't gotten the scores out to everybody. Thoughts on the race to come tomorrow. And scores. And Hart has been nice enough to offer to help me with the excel spread sheets. Yea!



OK Folks -

Now last night was a race. I know there were several of us disappointed in the premiere (sorry, Allegra ~ kinda boring!) WELL ALL THAT HAS CHANGED! What a fantastic episode. For those who didn't see it, I have saved it on tape. MOVE OVER NBC or as I now call it (NoBody Cares TV), This is MUST SEE TV. Side note: what the bleep happened to NBC's comedy people. It is all crap, sorry but even Joey!

Ok, enough of a tangent. If anyone wants to watch it tonight, give me a call. We can watch it after LOST. It was so good, I was already planning on watching it again!


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

No Viewing Party Tonight

Hey Folks!

I am working at Marshall Field's tonight, so I won't be able to host a viewing of race tonight! Sorry. I think I have that problem again next week. I am trying to get my scheduled changed to make sure we can have viewing parties!

Hey - Does anyone know if Allegra found Icelandic Beer??


Monday, November 22, 2004

More official websites

Hayden from Hayden/Aaron

Kristy from Lena/Kristy

I couldn't find a website for Don, Mary Jean or their vineyard, but here's a blurb about Don's wine, including his award-winning Millennium Chardonnay.

By the way, I tried typing in VictoriaFuller.com to see if she has her own website and I got this message: The Web site you are attempting to access contains material deemed inappropriate by Target Corporation's Information Securitypolicy. All Internet activity, whether appropriate or inappropriate, is loggedby individual user ID. Oops, hope I'm not in trouble.

That's what happens when one of your racers is a Playboy Bunny.

Recap is up!

Miss Alli, of Television Without Pity, has posted her First Episode recap. Read it in its 27 page glory!

You say it's your birthday?

Happy Birthday to Hart! As he invested in a geriatric bed last week, I think it is safe to say he's officially over the hill. Love you Dad!

Saturday, November 20, 2004


While this has absolutley nothing to do with the Race in and of itself, I could see any one of these used as a food challenge later on (although nothing is as bad as what Chip and Reichen did). ENJOY!*

*Thanks for Smitty for finding this site. Also, Smitty would like everyone to know that reading this site at work may not be the best idea, as it is hard to cover up gut-wrenching fits of hilarity as a cough or sneeze more than once every fifteen seconds.

Friday, November 19, 2004

It's time to stop blaming the editing...

For those of you at the AR5 Marathon Party last weekend, the possible use of editing/production in skewing viewers' perceptions of the cast was hotly debated, at least sarcastically.

Kim Reed takes off her gloves when she takes on Colin & Christie (and other reality TV villains) in this hard-hitting article.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

All Right, Who's Coming With?!

Iceland, anyone?

And one more makes 25!

Another coworker of Kristin's, Kristen, is joining us as well. Kristin passed Kristen's teams along to me before the premiere Tuesday night (and I just forgot to write them any where I would remember). Welcome, Kristen! Here are her teams:

  1. Meredith & Maria
  2. Lori & Bolo
  3. Hayden & Aaron
  4. Freddy & Kendra

Race Team Websites

For those of you who may be bored at work, I've found a couple (and had one sent to me--thanks, The Backer!) websites that AR6 teams either already had or have created. Click below.

Lena (the mormon / sister / former striptease aerobic instructor / model / once got in a fistfight with her sister / upholding conservative mormon values / Smurf)

Jonathan & Victoria

C.I.Lame (but he really doesn't sound lame! I'm so conflicted)

Week 2 Bonus Question

Keeping on the Bjork theme:;

A few years back Bjork wore quite the outfit to the Oscars.

  1. What was the outfit (including her purse)?
  2. Which host at what awards show made parodied it a few months later?

You must get both parts right to get forty points. And if anyone finds a link to a picture, please send it to me, too! As always, email your answers to Allegra.Lingo@target.com.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Episode 1 - My Thoughts

For those of you who were the recipients of my emails during the last race, you know that I leave the major recapping up to Miss Alli of Television Without Pity. Of course, I do have a few things to say:

Don, I think you're totally amazing. But, um, dude? At 69 you are the oldest person ever to run the race. Why, oh why, would you show yourself with an antique car in your promo shot? I'm not sure I'd want people to make that connection. And, while we're at it, I'd like to compliment you on your award winning wine label, and also for your comment about how you'd enjoy the ice a lot more if it was in a martini glass. I'm just trying to figure out, taking those two things into consideration, why you're the only one that commented on the inebriation of the Icelanders early on a Sunday morning? Maybe they were just coming out of church. When I lived in Ireland I went to mass a few times at a church that had a side door that led directly into a pub. It was pretty sweet. I'm guessing Iceland's kinda like that, too.

Lena and Kristy, thanks so much for being on this race. Not only did you come in third (well, it would have been second but you got lost. At least you didn't swim to the pitstop) and prove to me I made a good choice on picking you as one of my four teams, you also commented that you look like smurfs in the blue parkas. Now I can refer to you as Momons/Sisters/Striptease Aerobics Instructor/26 year old single mom of an 8 year old/ once got in a fistfight with each other/Upholding conservative Mormon values/SMURFS. Thanks for being you. La la la -a la la, la la-la la la.

Meredith and Maria: Other bottom feeders who have missed the route marker on the first leg have ended up doing just fine on this show. I believe in you. But maybe not in your belief that you are party girls as I watched you drive a snowmobile two miles an hour! Oh, and Mary Jean totally kicked your ass going up that ice wall. Sloths.

Adam and Rebecca: Oh, team Hellboy. You've never seen snow? I wonder how long y'all will last. And you hold a strong possibility of getting on my nerves after too long. But it was awesome to see someone following in the footsteps of Aaron & Arianne, Teri & Ian, Zach & Flo, and Michael & Kathy. Cut off the antlers and we'll all be okay.

Gus & Hera: I totally wanted to like you guys. Apparently, so did a lot of other people in the pool as nearly everyone picked you as part of their top four. But, um, Gus? C.I.A. (or, as Caitlin has eloquently put it, C.I.Lame)? I'm beginning to wonder if you were the one who was in charge of analyzing the August 6th 2001 PDB sorry, everyone. Let me know when I'm out of line.

Lori and Bolo: I'm going to chalk up your argumentiveness to fatigue and steroid withdrawl (thanks, Dave!) right now. I want to like you guys. Also, Lori, thanks for making the comment "My implants are frozen". Not only did it make my day, it won 5 more points for anyone who had picked you.

Freddy & Kendra: Kendra, you said monkey. I like you. And so should anyone who picked you, because it won them 5 more points.

Avi & Joe: I'm actually kind of glad to see you go because while you were funny, you were already getting on my nerves. For my yiddish humor, I'll have to go back to relying on Amy's Answering Machine.

Other random thoughts:
I know, I know, Jonathan is going to be the Colin of this season. As long as we don't run into any oxen we should be okay. But I can't hate him yet. Why? Because I'm afraid I'd be a bit like him if I'm ever on this show. Not in the yelling-at-my-team mate part, but the overall joy and exuberance he obviously has for being on the race. So, let's give him maybe just a little bit of a chance? Please?

Dude, Iceland looked awesome. And the ice lagoon where they were searching for the clue bouy? It made me want to grab a cheese slicer and some crackers.

I know some of you thought this episode was boring. How could you? It had everything an opening episode could want.

  • They flew through Minneapolis!!
  • People got lost!
  • People used the wrong gas!
  • We got to know the teams!
  • They were funny!
  • And stupid!
  • They went somewhere they've never been before on the race!
  • We got to see teams driving themselves around after nearly two races of spoonfed transportation!

Arguably, Iceland's most famous recent export is Bjork. If anyone would like a few extra points, write a song about something in the premiere episode that is set to a Bjork song (the link includes samples of her latest album).

That's it for now! Race Rocks! I will post this week's bonus question later this afternoon before I leave work. As always, if anyone would like to post comments anywhere on the blog or become a member of the blog team to post anything you like, let me know!

The Answer to the Bonus Question

Most of you were able to get the bonus question. Awesome! Keep it up!

The answer to last week's question was Pasha, on Clark Street. I've never been there, but, I watch a lot of "World's Best" countdown shows on the Travel Channel when I'm near a TV with cable. And this was from the "World's Best Bathrooms" show.

Pool Standings - Episode 1

Here's the list that really matters.

  1. Judy 425
  2. Karen 395
  3. Jill 365
  4. Jonathan 355
  5. Jay 335
  6. Scott 330
  7. Mike 315
  8. Kristen 310
  9. Eric 305
  10. Ami 275
  11. June 190
  12. Caitlin 180, Jan 180, Samuel 180
  13. Stephanie 170
  14. Chris 165
  15. Allegra 150
  16. Ben 145
  17. Lee 140
  18. Jack 120
  19. Bill 90
  20. Curt 65
  21. Dave 0, Boogie 0
  22. Kristin, -25

I just want to point out one small thing here. Kristin, whose teams she had picked for places 1, 2, and 3 in the AR 5 pool, actually went out on episodes 1, 2, and 3, this time has teams that, after the first episode, were 7, 8, 10, and Eliminated.

Points for Each Team

Here are the points that each team received:

Adam & Rebecca: 45
Avi & Joe: -105
Don & Mary Jean: 25
Freddy & Kendra: 90 + 5 points because Kendra said "Monkey"
Gus & Hera: 0
Hayden & Aaron: 160
Jonathan & Victoria: 60
Kris & Jon: 90
Lena & Kristy: 80
Lori & Bolo: 80 + 5 points because Lori had the best line of the episode "My Implants Are Frozen!"
Meredith & Maria: -20

I will be sending an email out to everyone later today with the spreadsheet of how these teams amassed these points.

RACE Standings - Episode 1

In the second of many posts today, here are the standings after the first episode:

1. Hayden & Aaron
2. Kris & Jon
3. Lena & Kristy
4. Freddy & Kendra
5. Jonathan & Victoria
6. Lori & Bolo
7. Adam & Rebecca
8. Meredith & Maria
9. Don & Mary Jean
10. Gus & Hera
Eliminated: Avi & Joe

It's ON!!

The race has started. The pool has started. I will be sending out an email later today with all of the information I put on the blog in an easier form (read: spreadsheets!). And I will also be posting information throughout the day.

Woo hoo race!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

And one more makes 24!

Say hi to Marissa everyone, who will here on out be referred to as Boogie. She has left the travails of senior year of high school long enough to come play in the pool with the big kids. And here are her picks:

  1. Lori & Bolo
  2. Gus & Hera
  3. Avi & Joe
  4. Meredith & Maria

I'm off to watch The Rebel Billionaire before the Race starts. If anyone can stand another reality show for their Tuesday evenings (or, at all) I would highly suggest this one on FOX at 7 pm CST. It's Race + The Apprentice + the good parts of Fear Factor--all rolled into one!

Peace out, yo.

Just When We Thought We Were Done Adding People--

Here comes Scott to make it 23! And here are his picks:

  1. Jonathan & Victoria
  2. Kris & Jon
  3. Lori & Bolo
  4. Freddy & Kendra

Race. It's what's for dinner.

And we're up to 22!

Let's all say hi to Mike Kelly. Hi, Mike! I don't know Mike. But he works with Kristin at NovaCare in Chicago. And here are his picks:

  1. Freddy & Kendra
  2. Gus & Hera
  3. Hayden & Aaron
  4. Jonathan & Victoria

Happy Race Day!

Chip's flowery vocab

Chip does it again. In the same vein as describing chair cushions as "accoutrements," he now says he'd like to take a "joyful jaunt through the Louvre." Check out this article where Chip & Kim give the back nod to Canada.

Enjoy tonights premiere!

Monday, November 15, 2004


For those of you at the AR 5 Marathon yesterday, thanks for coming! It was a good time had by all. And while there, TEN new people have joined the pool! Here are their picks:

1. Lena & Krista
2. Don & Mary Jean
3. Hayden & Aaron
4. Gus & Hera

1. Gus & Hera
2. Lori & Bolo
3. Don & Mary Jean
4. Meredith & Maria

1. Lena & Krista
2. Gus & Hera
3. Meredith & Maria
4. Lori & Bolo

1. Kris & Jon
2. Lori & Bolo
3. Adam & Rebecca
4. Freddy & Kendra

1. Lori & Bolo
2. Avi & Joe
3. Gus & Hera
4. Hayden & Aaron

1. Gus & Hera
2. Avi & Joe
3. Lori & Bolo
4. Hayden & Aaron

1. Gus & Hera
2. Lori & Bolo
3. Adam & Rebecca
4. Avi & Joe

1. Lori & Bolo
2. Kris & Jon
3. Jonathan & Victoria
4. Gus & Hera

1. Gus & Hera
2. Lori & Bolo
3. Adam & Rebecca
4. Jonathan & Victoria

1. Lori & Bolo
2. Gus & Hera
3. Hayden & Aaron
4. Lena & Krista

Remember: Bonus question answers are due by 4 pm TOMORROW, Tuesday November 16th, also known as RACE DAY!! And just because I'm feeling nice, I'll repeat the question here again:

The new racers are beginning their trip in Chicago, a city which is home to many cool things, one of which is one of the World's Best (tm) Bathrooms! Name the bar that has a bar in the Ladies' Restrooom where you can get champagne and shots of tequila rose for $6.

That's all for now!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Doesn't Everybody Love Stats?

Who doesn't like numbers? I like numbers! Here are some pool numbers for your favorite Friday update:

Number of people currently in the pool: 11
Number of people in the last pool: 13
Number of people who were in the pool last time who haven't given me picks yet: 5

How Many People Have Picked:
Adam & Rebecca: 3
Avi & Joe: 6
Don & Mary Jean: 2
Freddy & Kendra: 2
Gus & Hera: 7
Hayden & Aaron: 6
Jonathan & Victoria: 4
Kris & Jon: 4
Lena & Krista: 2
Lori & Bolo: 4
Meredith & Maria: 4

I'm off to the gym. More stats later. We'll see some of you at the Marathon on Sunday!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Jay's in!

My dad's picks:

  1. Freddy & Kendra
  2. Gus & Hera
  3. Hayden & Aaron
  4. Lena & Krista

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Judy's in!

My mom just got her picks:

  1. Hayden & Aaron
  2. Lori & Bolo
  3. Freddy & Kendra
  4. Adam & Rebecca

Jack's on Board!

Indie-hipster Target Employee Jack has placed his picks. And, here they are:

  1. Don & Mary Jean
  2. Gus & Hera
  3. Avi & Joe
  4. Hayden & Aaron


Woo hoo! The first opportunity for points is underway! :)

Please email me your answer at Allegra.Lingo@target.com so that other people cannot see your answers. I will post all the responses, plus the correct answer, on the following Wednesday.

The starting line for the race is Chicago. Chicago is home to many wonderful things, including one of the World's Best (tm) Bathrooms! Name the bar that has a ladies' room that has a bar in it where you can get champagne or shots of tequila rose for $6.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hello again,

Since Blogger was so nice to start archiving my posts for me, I decided that the pool rules should be posted again so it's always present. SO, here they are. Eight people with picks so far! Rock! But I want more!

To anyone who was in the pool last time, you will know that it required constant vigilance (sorry, I've been listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on CD) in order to keep up with the pack. And, sadly, due to Fringe and stuff, I wasn't as vigilant as I should have been about keeping things up to date. This time, it's A LOT easier. And it's also loosely based on the CBS Fantasy Survivor.


Each player will choose four teams.

Players will receive/lose points based on what happens in each episode.

Once one of the player's teams is eliminated, they can not add another one. However, the player can still participate in the weekly bonus questions for points.

Before the last episode, players will have the chance to wager points on who they think will win, even if none of their four teams are left in the race.

The top three players at the end of the season in terms of points will each win a prize.

See? Easy.

Points (these are subject to change up until November 16th)

1. Episode standingsThe first episode points will be as follows:

1st: 100

2nd: 90

3rd: 80

4th: 70

5th: 60

6th: 50

7th: 40

8th: 30

9th: 20

10th: 10

11th (Eliminated): -100As we do not know where the non-elimination rounds will be I am unable to determine right now what the point values for each place will be on each episode.

2. Using a Fast Forward: 100.

3. Uses a Yield: 50

4. Gets Yielded: -50

5. Screen shows the team "currently in first place" at any point during the episode: 10

6. Screen shows the team "currently in last place" at any point during the episode: -10

7. Team is the only one to choose a detour option (i.e. everyone chooses rock except for one team that chooses roll): 20

8. Team gives up on a detour and goes back to the the other one -10.

9. Team complains about the location they are in or the people there (not other racers): 5
Bonus PointsEach week I will post a bonus question about the episode that just aired. If you get the answer correct, you will receive 40 points. The question might be about a team, a location, Phil, whatever! The answers are due by 4 pm on the airdate of the next episode.

Example: The teams had a layover in East Timor. Name the two Nobel Peace Prize Winners who were honored for their work in the East Timor civil wars.

Answer: Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo and Jose Ramos Horta.

I'm Not An Extremely Political Person

It's true. I'm really not. I hold a quiet disregard, distrust, and dis-pretty-much-any-word-you-can-think-to-put-after-dis- of politics. But as we are now only ONE WEEK FROM AMAZING RACE 6 I began to think that this race is amazing. And this world is amazing. But our country doesn't feel that amazing right now. So, in an effort to be less disheartened about the people of this country, I offer this website as an exercise in group solace.

Monday, November 08, 2004

New News Article!

I wanted to share this link. WARNING: it does include some information on some tasks, mixups, and the pitstop of the first leg.

Answer to a Question:

In a comment off of the "Amazing Race 6 Pool" entry, Smitty asks:

"If a team complains about a location, shouldn't it be -5 points?"

Nope! It always makes me laugh when teams complain, so their whining will earn them 5 points for making me smile.

Karen's Picks!

This is definitley the Hartmann day of picking ponies. Here are Karen's:

  1. Hayden/Aaron
  2. Adam/Rebecca
  3. Jonathan/Victoria
  4. Kris/Jon

Kristin's Picks

Kristin Burda from the (soon to be) famous building in Chicago has sent her picks to me, and here they are:

  1. Avi & Joe
  2. Gus & Hera
  3. Jonathan & Victoria
  4. Meredith & Maria

Jan and Dave have their picks!

Jan and Dave have posted these as comments as well, but I decided to bring them out to their own post. And here they are:


  1. Kris & Jon
  2. Avi & Joe
  3. Lori & Bolo
  4. Jonathan & Victoria


  1. Avi & Joe
  2. Lori & Bolo
  3. Gus & Hera
  4. Meredith & Maria

That's all for now! More updates later today.

Friday, November 05, 2004

My Pick

Although I won't be playing for real in the pool (seeing as how I made up the rules and are writing weekly bonus questions, that's probably not too fair), I wanted to throw my own picks out there.

  1. Gus & Hera
  2. Kris & Jon
  3. Meredith & Maria
  4. Lena & Kristy

If anyone would like to know how I came up with this top four, there was an exact science to it. And you can email me for the details.

The first bonus question of the season will be posted on Wednesday, November 10th at 10 AM. But to get credit for your answer, you must have your picks in. Note: the question will have something to do with where the race starts. If you've seen any of the advertisements or go to the Early Show segment from the previous post, you will know where the starting point is. Ergo, I don't feel too badly about giving it away in the bonus question.

Link to Amazing Race preview on The Early Show

For those of you who didn't see it, this link will take you to the Amazing Race 6 preview on CBS's "The Early Show" page. It's a good intro of all the teams, and might spur more than three of you to send me your picks!

Stephanie has placed her picks!

Stephanie Bessler, another Target City Center 5th Floor employee, has placed her picks. And here they are:

  1. Adam & Rebecca
  2. Gus & Hera
  3. Don & Mary Jean
  4. Jonathan & Victoria

11 days, dudes!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Chris has his picks in!

Say hello to Chris everybody! Yet another Target City Center 5th Floor employee like myself, Chris earns major bonus points for being a Race Fan and sending powerpoint presentations about how stupid G.W. Bush is to me at work. Chris's picks are:

  1. Hayden/Aaron
  2. Kris/Jon
  3. Avi/Joe
  4. Meredith/Maria

Monday, November 01, 2004

Caitlin has registered her picks!

The winner of the Amazing Race 5 pool has gotten things off to a good start by sending me her picks this morning. And they are:

Hayden & Aaron
Gus & Hera
Avi & Joe
Lori & Bolo

Do we want her to win again? The only way to stop her is to register your OWN picks!

As I have nearly met my quota at work for today, more updates coming this afternoon.