Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Congratulations to everyone! It wasn't the best season ever (in my mind, that's with season 3 and always will be), but we had fun, right? :)

Final scores:

  1. Scott 6330
  2. Judy 3390
  3. Jan 2405
  4. Jay 2210
  5. Kristen 2135
  6. Lee 1795
  7. Jonathan 1385
  8. Allegra 1030
  9. Boogie 540
  10. Eric 448
  11. Karen 164
  12. Samuel 45
  13. Dave, Stephanie 20
  14. Curt 18
  15. Chris 11
  16. Ami, Ben, Bill, Caitlin, Jack, June, Kristin, Mike 0

Which makes Scott our winner! It's fitting, as he has had his score and Karen's score taped up on the fridge in his kitchen since the beginning of the race figuring out just how much he was behind and how he could possibly win.

Prizes will be given to Scott, Judy (2nd place), and Jan (3rd place) the next time I see them.

For the record, one person thought Freddy and Kendra would take it. Ten were rooting for Kris and Jon. Two put their faith in the little monkeys Adam and Rebecca, and four were very, very sad that Hayden and Aaron got lost in whine country.


At 09 February 2005 at 07:38, Blogger Smitty said...

Boycott American Airlines! I was robbed! Stupid American Airlines telling Kris and Jon they were on the earliest flight. This pool was MINE. Scott- I look forward to the March 1st rematch. Punk brother-in-law. :-)


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