Tuesday, February 01, 2005

You Know AR is Getting Popular When

Today's AR Reference of the Day:

From the zap2it article on last night's Bachelorette show:

The group date with Ben, Fabrice, John Paul and Wendell starts off as a relaxed pizza party in Little Italy and turns into a segment of "The Amazing Race." I half-expected to see Phil Keoghan elbow Chris Harrison out of the way and explain to the four guys that they had to give up whatever money they had and race to the top of the Empire State Building, where Jen would be waiting to share a final one-on-one date with the winner.

After promising to send a cabbie $300 for a quick ride over, Wendell gets there first, much to his own and Jen's delight. Runners-up Ben and John Paul are informed of their loss by seeing Jen and Wendell canoodling on a couch, which must have really sucked for them. As for Fabrice, he just walked home because, he says, he's tired of playing games for Jen's heart.


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