Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Amazing Race 6 Finale Drinking Game

Brought to you for your viewing and imbibement pleasure by Scrappy and Smitty. Will be repeated at the Amazing Race 6 marathon in a couple weeks.

Take a drink every time:

  • A Teammate calls the other "Baby".
  • Phil appears on the screen wearing an ugly-ass shirt.
  • Kendra says something racist, classist, or otherwise discriminatory.
  • Jon calls a taxi driver "Holmes".
  • Adam and Rebecca are "Currently in Last Place".
  • Hayden threatens to hyperventilate.
  • Kris says something nice about where they are.
  • Freddy wears his army-issued glasses/doo-rag combo.
  • Rebecca tells Adam, "We're over."
  • Aaron brags about doing something better than the other guys.
  • A racer proclaims, "This is an Emergency".
  • Adam cries out for his mommy.
  • CBS shows a commercial for the new season of Survivor.
  • CBS shows a commercial for Dr. Phil's Jonathan and Victoria interview.
  • You see a monkey, someone acts like a monkey, you hear the word monkey.
  • When you see Jonathan and Victoria waiting at the finish line.


Congratulations to everyone! It wasn't the best season ever (in my mind, that's with season 3 and always will be), but we had fun, right? :)

Final scores:

  1. Scott 6330
  2. Judy 3390
  3. Jan 2405
  4. Jay 2210
  5. Kristen 2135
  6. Lee 1795
  7. Jonathan 1385
  8. Allegra 1030
  9. Boogie 540
  10. Eric 448
  11. Karen 164
  12. Samuel 45
  13. Dave, Stephanie 20
  14. Curt 18
  15. Chris 11
  16. Ami, Ben, Bill, Caitlin, Jack, June, Kristin, Mike 0

Which makes Scott our winner! It's fitting, as he has had his score and Karen's score taped up on the fridge in his kitchen since the beginning of the race figuring out just how much he was behind and how he could possibly win.

Prizes will be given to Scott, Judy (2nd place), and Jan (3rd place) the next time I see them.

For the record, one person thought Freddy and Kendra would take it. Ten were rooting for Kris and Jon. Two put their faith in the little monkeys Adam and Rebecca, and four were very, very sad that Hayden and Aaron got lost in whine country.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Butt Floss

I don't think we've linked to Rebecca's homepage yet. She and her dad have both set bench press world records. Who knew?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Trifecta

Dr. Phil, Jonathan, Victoria. TV's own axis of evil. In case you missed the commercial for Voldemort and Victoria's appearance on Dr. Phil, it airs on (I believe) February 15th. Ahh, a Valentines Day special event. If Dr. Phil stays true to form, he'll hold Victoria more accountable for staying with Voldemort than he will Voldemort for the abusive behavior to begin with. I can't wait.


We've been following these teams since November 16th as they traveled all over the world.

  • Name the starting city plus the 10 pit stops so far.
  • Calculate in miles, how far the teams have traveled (I'll accept + or - 2500 from the answer I came up with, as it's impossible to know the exact distance)



The Sri Lankan holiday is called Nikin Poya Day. My favorite new website is, and you can punch in any day (or search by country or religion / tradition) and it will tell you what holidays are going on all over the world! For example, today is:

  • Candlemas - Liechtenstein
  • Candlemas, Presentation of the Lord - Switzerland
  • Dia de la Candelaria - Mexico
  • Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Porto Allegre - Brazil
  • Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria - Bolivia
  • Groundhog Day - Canada and the United States
  • Kyndelsmassodagen - Sweden
  • Virgen de la Candelaria - Puno - Peru
  • Candlemas - for both Christianity and Paganism

For all of you non-catholics out there, here's a good article on Candlemas. Who knew Pagans celebrated it, too? Just one of those strange little usurping traditions so we can convert the locals Catholicism has hanging around the far reaches of its history.


Now that everyone has their final point total, we flip into "final jeopardy" mode. By Tuesday at 4 pm, everyone (regardless of whether you're answering the bonus or not) must send me two things:

  • The name of the team they think is going to win
  • How many of their points (0 - everything) they are betting

With the exception of next week's bonus question, no new points will be given during the finale--including the elimination of the fourth place team.

If I do not receive a bet from you, you are not eligible to win.

Prizes will be given to the top three finishing teams. I will not publish the wagers nor the teams that people decided would win until after the finale, as I don't want anyone's bets influenced by anyone else.

That's it! GOOD LUCK!


  1. Karen 3555
  2. Judy 3390
  3. Scott 3165
  4. Jonathan 2885
  5. Mike 2725
  6. Ami 2470
  7. Jan 2385
  8. Jay 2210
  9. Kristen 2135
  10. June 2115
  11. Samuel 2035
  12. Chris and Jill 2020
  13. Caitlin 1875
  14. Lee 1795
  15. Curt 1735
  16. Stephanie 1580
  17. Eric 1525
  18. Jack 1140
  19. Allegra 1030
  20. Ben 965
  21. Dave 940
  22. Kristin 890
  23. Bill 615
  24. Boogie 540

How do they do that?

Here's an interesting Q&A reagarding the organization it takes to produce the Amazing Race.

I've hijacked the Blog!

For those of you already disillusioned by the re-election of Dubya, you'll be further disenchanted to learn the State of the Union Address has trumped Alias. Well, the DJs at Air America have come up with the perfect solution for tonight's "reality" TV event: The State of the Union Address Drinking Game. Take a swig everytime you hear the word/phrase:

Activist Judges
Iraq (chosen b/c Dubya managed to not mention Iraq by name even once during his inaugural address)
Behinds, or anything being left behind

What does this have to do with AR? Absolutely nothing! Nadda! Diddly-squat!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

You Know AR is Getting Popular When

Today's AR Reference of the Day:

From the zap2it article on last night's Bachelorette show:

The group date with Ben, Fabrice, John Paul and Wendell starts off as a relaxed pizza party in Little Italy and turns into a segment of "The Amazing Race." I half-expected to see Phil Keoghan elbow Chris Harrison out of the way and explain to the four guys that they had to give up whatever money they had and race to the top of the Empire State Building, where Jen would be waiting to share a final one-on-one date with the winner.

After promising to send a cabbie $300 for a quick ride over, Wendell gets there first, much to his own and Jen's delight. Runners-up Ben and John Paul are informed of their loss by seeing Jen and Wendell canoodling on a couch, which must have really sucked for them. As for Fabrice, he just walked home because, he says, he's tired of playing games for Jen's heart.